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Venus Moves On / Venus Sigue Adelante

15Matching Tank  VENUS MOVES ON. 

For this trip she chose Red Pollack (inspired by famous abstract painter, Jackson Pollack), a 2-pc taffeta crushed set with red abstract trimming and matching tank.  Good traveling choice – no worries of getting wrinkled .. one of the best features of crushed couture.

Venus gazes through the window and only sees emptiness .. which is fine, since it’s exactly what she feels.  But yet, she also feels a sense of freedom..but freedom from what?..a dissatisfied life left behind or from herself?  But Venus places these feelings aside for now because she’s returning to the island that she has loved since the age of 11.  Everytime she’s on this island she feels a sense of peace and happiness that she has never felt in New York.

The first time her Mother brought her to the island of her birth, she shared the excitement and pride her Mother expressed.  She also felt a sense of envy because her Mother had tradition and roots that belonged only to her.   Venus was merely an  offspring that was born out of the natural nest.  But something happened to Venus on that first visit .. she experienced a beauty that she was unaware that it existed.  And the fact that it was part of her heritage made it more intriguing and exciting.

So as Venus gazed through the window that showed no visible images, she wondered what her new life will bring.  She has many challenges to conquer .. acclimate to the island and its new surroundings since her last visit 6 years before .. get her fashion business started .. move in to her mother’s house and renovate it back to its glory .. and most importanly, rekindle old friends and hopefully make new ones.

So stay tuned Ladies for the adventures of Venus..which I’m sure there will be many .. as Venus re-explores her enchanted island .. introduces you to fabulous fashion styles for that Savvy Latina .. and maybe some romantic encounters .. of which will be interesting!

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VENUS SIGUE ADELANTE.  Para este viaje Venus escogio estilo Red Pollack (inspirado por el famoso pintor abstracto,Jackson Pollack), un 2-pc tafetán triturado conjunto con un adorno abstacto rojo y blusa de juego.  Una buena opción de viaje – no se preocupa de el traje arrugarse .. una de las mejores características de alta costura ‘crushed’.

Ella mira por la ventana y sólo ve vacío .. esto esta bien, ya que es exactamente lo que se siente. Pero, sin embargo, también se siente una sensación de libertad .. pero la libertad de lo que? .. una vida insatisfecha abandonó o de ella misma?  Pero Venus pone estos sentimientos a un lado por ahora porque está volviendo a la isla que ha amado desde la edad de 11.  Cada vez que esta en la isla se siente una sensación de paz y felicidad que nunca se ha sentido en Nueva York.

La primera vez que su Madre la llevó a la isla de su nacimiento, ella compartía la emoción y el orgullo que su Madre expresó. También sentio una sensación de envidia porque su Madre tenía la tradición y las raíces que pertenecían sólo a ella.  Ella no era más que una hija que nació fuera del nido natural.  Pero algo le pasó a Venus en esa primera visita .. que nunca había visto tanta belleza antes o que hubiera existido.  Y el hecho de que era parte de su existencia la hizo más interesante y emocionante.

Así como Venus mira a través de la ventana que no muestra imágenes visibles, se pregunta cuál es su nueva vida traerá.  Ella tiene muchos retos por conquistar .. aclimarse a la isla y su nuevo entorno desde su última visita 6 años antes .. comenzar su negocio de moda .. moverse en la casa de su madre y renovarla de nuevo a su gloria .. y lo más importante , reavivar viejos amigos y con esperanza  hacer nuevos.

Así que este atentos mis amigas  por las aventuras de Venus .. que es seguro de que habrá muchos .. como volver a explorar la isla encantada .. presentarles a estilos de moda fabulosa para la Latina Savvy .. y tal vez algunos encuentros románticos .. los que será interesante!

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Fashion Style

P1010449 (2)  What is fashion style..does every woman have it..or do we acquire it from magazines and media sources..or does it exist within our personality?

     I believe it exists within our personality..every woman has a unique personality that tells a fashion story..not every women looks good in dresses or pants or shorts because our physique dominates what will be appealing in our choice of apparel..if we’re perceptive of what will complement our appearance than we will choose wisely in the styles that will not only add style savvy, but will show the intellect in expressing how.

     Maria de Socorro Fashions specializes in French Plisse and Crinkles/Crushed styles..the infamous pleating method, which includes about 200 methods, originated in France.  The marvel about the pleating method is that it complements any body physique.

     The pleating method can extend sizing from small to medium and medium to well as the crinkles/crushed method, in which the garment is heat crushed to create the crinkle effect.  Both methods offer women the opportunity to look great in any particular stylish outfit.  Another uniqueness is its travel abilities..since they need no ironing, they’re perfect for traveling and women on the Go!..

     In upcoming blogs I will be introducing these unique styles for women that desire to be stylish, wish to impress or simply look good!

‘Blue Galaxy’ above is great as a tunic, mini dress or with skinny jeans.  You’re invited to view other styles at: or

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Lady M Returns

It has been over a year since my return to my mother’s island after a 6 year hiatus.  Much has happened..I have rekindled my love affair with the island, acclimated to it’s present existence and begin to empathize with it’s endeavors.  In future blogs I will express my love affair, which started at age 11 when my mother brought me here for the first time. Introduce you to my fashion world and just as important talk about the Latina national women’s group, Las Comadres, that I have proudly started a chapter here in San Juan.

Born a city girl in New York City, I was unaware that such abundant beauty existed just miles away where my heritage was created.  I feel privileged and blessed that I have had the opportunity to live in my ancestors footfalls for the past 30 years.  An opportunity that unfortunately not every Boricua has.  So now you have a brief history of New York City girl turns Island Adventuress. 


 In New York I was a fashionpreneur..successfully dressing ladies with my chic Maria de Socorro Fashions. Since I brought my business to Puerto Rico, now Latina ladies will look just as chic and better..because we all know that with our voluptuous curves, we look great in anything!

 My expertise is French Plisse, crinkles and crushed styles..a pleating and crushed method that is used on the fabric to create the effect, as the photo demonstrates below.  Besides its savvy, chic trend, It’s also been successful for the traveling woman..these garments need no ironing and drapes any figure fashionably.  Below is just one style..there are many to come…if you can’t wait until my next blog..just check out my facebook page at or website at to view more styles.  Or even better, contact me to see and try them on at my boutique, which is by appointment only.